Left Bank

Left Bank is an homage to the Pictorialist and Modernist photographers of the early 20th century whose images and techniques were considered groundbreaking for their time and whose work revolutionized the way the world viewed photography as an art form.

These photographers often focused their lenses on significant artistic figures of their day and, like them, I am creating portraits of artists, dancers, writers, musicians and others whose work inspires me, depicting them as they might have appeared during that time. These images, captured on film, are made using the same lighting techniques, materials and traditional processes employed throughout this era.

The series is presented as photogravures, a technique invented in the mid-1800s. This printmaking process uses a light-sensitive polymer plate which is exposed to a film positive, etched, inked and hand-pulled on an intaglio press.

The true inspiration for this work comes from the Muses themselves, and they are:

Brian Scott Bagley – dancer, singer
Sarah Bird – writer
Annalise Natasha Gratovich – artist, printmaker
Carissa Hernandez – dancer
Aara Krumpe – dancer
Catherine Lewis – dancer
Anjali Malhotra – chef
Stephen Mills – Artistic Director of Ballet Austin, choreographer
Jon Monié – actor
Ema Montès – dancer
Roxie le Rouge – dancer
Matt Treviño – opera singer